Double Dutch Braid Tutorial

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I learned how to braid as a kid and I have vivid memories of dutch braiding my friends’ hair on the way to field hockey games in high school. I always really enjoyed it. There is something therapeutic about weaving hair into these styles, the tactile feeling of the hair in my hands and the satisfaction of creating something beautiful and practical. I still like to braid my hair sometimes before a workout. French and Dutch braids stay put and don’t feel heavy on my head as I run or jump or dance. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a fancier style that’s just as easy to create. This messy double Dutch braid runs diagonally across the back of my head and can be finished three ways. It’s a gorgeous way to style your hair and can be dressed up or down to suit just about any occasion.

The step-by-step tutorial to create the double Dutch braid is after the jump.  Continue reading

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Tip Tuesday: How to Fix a Broken Fingernail


I know it’s a girly-girl cliche, but is anything more annoying than a broken nail? It seems like I just get them to a respectable length and then BOOM! One breaks. I usually just cut the darn thing off but then the break is below the tip, it can actually be kind of painful. My thumbnail recently suffered such a break to my dismay and I decided to patch it to buy me some growing time before trimming it off. The solution was simple, easy and it held (at least until I had clients!)

For today’s quick tip, I’m going to show you how to repair a broken nail using items you probably already have at home. The step-by-step instructions are after the jump. Continue reading

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My 10 Favorite Drugstore Beauty Products


Everybody loves a bargain. Add to that the convenience of a drugstore beauty aisle, and picking up a few products on a toilet paper run becomes irresistible. I am not immune to this pull and I’ve made plenty of impulse buys while waiting for a prescription. For me, buying drugstore makeup, nail supplies, and skincare items is a gamble. Sometimes it works out great and the performance is just a good, if not better than their department store or salon counterparts. Other times, I’m stuck with a lame product that just end up in the proverbial circular file.

So, without further ado, I offer my current favorites available at drugstores and/or mass retailers like Target. These are my pleasant surprises, my happy accidents, if you will. If it isn’t in heavy rotation, it didn’t make the list! So get ready to pop out for a little shopping or better yet, make it even easier and order some of these items on Drugstore. (Coupon in the sidebar!)

Check out my picks and find out why I love each after the jump. Continue reading

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