Day of the Dead Makeup Tutorial

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When it comes to holidays, it’s hard to think of a more interesting one then Mexico’s Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos. The celebration begins at Midnight on October 31st, when, according to folklore, heaven’s gates are opened and deceased children may reunite with their families for the following 24 hours. Adult spirits join the festivities on November 2nd and the remembrance of those passed continues. Beautifully crafted and decorated sugar skulls represent the departed souls. Beautiful and haunting, the colorful and glittering skulls have become extremely popular costume inspiration for Halloween. While dress may vary from traditional Mexican attire to skeleton suits, elaborate face painting is a must. In this how-to post, I’ll show you how to create a sugar skull makeup look using a basic face painting kit and a couple cosmetics I borrowed from my makeup bag. In a pinch, you can create this look without face paint – just skip the white base and use eyeliner and lipstick for the black and red shades.

The step-by-step tutorial is after the jump. Continue reading

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Eating for Beauty: Cheater’s Dahl (Indian-Style Lentils)

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dahl (6 of 7)

Years ago, our friend Todd taught my husband and I how to make dahl, an Indian dish made with lentils and aromatic spices. His recipe calls for dried lentils and is prepared a lot like risotto. After adding the spices and lentils, you gradually add water and stir frequently until the lentils are soft and the desired consistency is achieved. It’s time consuming, but so amazingly delicious. I’ve adapted Todd’s version of dahl to suit my busy/lazy/last minute sort of lifestyle using pre-cooked lentils. It’s an Indian cooking “hack” that is super easy, healthy, and every bit as tasty!

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Review: Color Wow Root Cover Up

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I’m on a quest to help my friends, family and clients to solve their in-between color touch up woes. No one likes noticeable roots, especially when gray hairs are in the mix. The more grays you have, the more obvious new growth will be. Lately I’ve had far too many women tell me that they just can’t keep up. I’ve even had a few tell me they just want to transition to all gray. Not because they really want to be gray but because they just can’t stand the harsh line at their part, a constant reminder of how long it’s been since their last salon appointment.

Color Wow Root Cover Up is a product that aims to solve the problem. It is a mineral-based powder that is applied at your part and around your hairline to hide your roots. The company claims that with this product looks natural and “seamlessly camouflages roots.” I knew I had to try it.

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