Glam Hollywood Hair Tutorial

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It’s award show season and if this past Sunday’s Golden Globes were any indication, classic glam hair is still a go-to choice for Hollywood elite. While the style is reminiscent of old Hollywood, there are some modern tweaks. In general, curls are a bit looser and the overall look is a tad less fussy. Best of all, gone are the days of sitting under a dryer for hours waiting for finger waves and pin curls to set, as similar feel can be easily created with a curling iron.

If you are curious how this gorgeous hairDO (see what I did there?) is created, wonder no longer. It’s actually pretty simple and would be fun to wear at an Oscars party or formal event. Want to look like a movie star? Well, heat up you curling iron and let’s get red carpet ready.

The step-by-step Hollywood hair tutorial is after the jump.

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3 Negative Space Nail Art Designs

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I recently acquired a new nail stamping plate from Born Pretty Store that I’ve been dying to try out. The center of the plate houses a gorgeous pattern that reminds me of both leaves and feathers. I decided to combine the stamp with the negative space trend that seems to be blowing up all over runways, magazines, and Pinterest.

I’ve been having so much fun experimenting with different patterns, colors, and shapes that I created 3 separate manicures with two common elements: the leaf/feather stamp and negative space. If you are curious to see step-by-step instructions demonstrating nail stamping, visit this post.

More details and pictures after the jump! Continue reading

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Rodan + Fields Acute Care Launch

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OMG! You guys. You may have seen on Facebook that I have started a Rodan + Fields business. The reasons for this are lengthy and plentiful but in short… I love these products! I choose the companies that I want to work with very carefully and this anti-aging skincare line won me over with their action-oriented ingredients, simplified routines to address common skin issues, and some incredibly smart and innovative products.

In the coming weeks, I’ll share the four lines and supplementary products with you. Today, I’m going to introduce Acute Care.

I am so excited about Acute Care, it’s ridiculous. It’s a brand new product from Rodan + Fields that launched on January 5 and it’s so brilliant that it’s one of the reasons I wanted to work with the company.

So, what is it? Acute Care is an intensive treatment to target lines and wrinkles. It consists of hyaluronic acid and peptides, two naturally occurring molecules used to “plump” skin and stimulate collagen. Hyaluronic acid has an immediate hydrating effect that, when applied topically, temporarily fills in fine lines and wrinkles for an immediately more youthful appearance. It is also the most common ingredient in cosmetic fillers, which are used to fill in wrinkles for up to 6 months when injected. Peptides are amino acids that helps your skin produce collagen to repair lines.

What makes Acute Care different is in the delivery of these two molecules. The product consists of 10 individually wrapped packages of two parenthesis-shaped patches. Each patch uses “Liquid Cone Techology” to gently drive the ingredients into the wrinkle. Simply apply the patch to clean skin and gently press the patch down. You will feel tiny “pricks” (for lack of a better word) that help penetrate the skin for deeper absorption. It’s not painful in any way and I find the patches to be surprising comfortable to wear.

Wear the patches overnight every three days for 4 weeks and watch your lines disappear before your eyes. Best of all, the results last for 12 weeks or longer with proper skincare maintenance. Wrinkles are filled without needles at a fraction of the cost of a cosmetic filler injected by your dermatologist. It is seriously amazeballs.

When I learned of this product, I was convinced it would work because of my knowledge of and experience with hyaluronic acid. It really does plump skin but it’s fatal flaw is that the results wear off really quickly. Delivering intensive amounts overnight in this way is nothing short of brilliant. But for those who lack faith in my judgment, the before-and-after pics below are my proof. (As embarrassing as they may be…)

Now remember, this product is brand new so I have only used the patches twice over the last week. You can used these patches on any expression lines including around the eyes and on the forehead. My nasolabial folds bother me so that is the area I decided to treat. I think the results are pretty incredible after just two applications! These pictures have not been retouched.

acute-care-1 (3 of 7)Before: You can see that my folds have become pretty deep as gravity is doing it’s evil work. Additionally, I’m starting to get fine lines radiating from the folds. Must stop smiling.

acute-care-1 (4 of 7)After One Application: I woke to find a clear improvement in the depth of the fold and in the appearance of the fine lines.

acute-care-2 (1 of 4)

After the Second Application: Whoa! The whole area is more plumped. The nasolabial folds are more shallow and my fine lines are almost completely gone.

Let’s see that side-by-side, shall we?




What a difference after just 2 applications! I can’t wait to see how this ingenious product transforms my expression lines after more rounds.

Check out this flyer with completed before and after shots of the eye area…


Acute Care is currently available at Rodan + Fields bundled with any skincare system: Reverse (for age spots and sun damage), Soothe (for sensitive skin and redness), Unblemish (for aging acne-prone skin), and Redefine (for fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of firmness.)

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