How to Master the Messy Ponytail


Hey ladies! So many of you have confided in me that you can’t seem to get the hang of the messy ponytail. “Messy” should be easy but in reality, it takes a little practice. But beyond that, it requires a shift in mindset. We are trained to be neat and to look sufficiently undone, you have to undo fight against the urge to be tidy.

First, some tips:

1. Don’t overthink it.
2. Don’t feel self-concious. It’s supposed to be hot mess and no one thinks you’re trying too hard. In fact, no one thinks you are trying at all and that’s the point.
3. Once your ponytail is up, forget all about it. Just leave it alone and own it.
4. Don’t overthink it.

Now watch the video to see how I create a messy ponytail and give it a try. I think you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to create this cute and sassy style.

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Eating for Beauty: Korean Bibimbap


bibimbab (20 of 21)

A little Korean restaurant recently opened up in my neighborhood and for whatever reason, I ordered the bibimbap. For years, I snobbishly it wrote off as “Korean lite” due to it’s popularity among people who aren’t Korean. But the truth is, bibimbap, or “mixed rice,” is a super delicious Korean dish that offers a completely balanced meal with complex carbs, lots of vegetables, and protein. While on vacation in Massachusetts with my mom, I asked her to make it with me. I took plenty of notes and pictures to share the recipe here on Parlor! Although I’ve provided measurements, each vegetable can be prepared to taste and the dish is easily customized by adding, swapping, or omitting veggies. It takes a little effort but the result is totally worth it and you’ll likely have some veggies left over. It’s a super fun recipe to create with a partner so grab a friend and let’s cook.

The recipe for bibimbap is after the jump. Continue reading

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REVIEW: Fake Bake Flawless Darker Self-Tan Liquid

This past Sunday was my birthday. I gotta tell you, these birthdays are not exactly as exciting as they used to be. Which, is even more reason to treat yo self.

Since my birthday plans included the Chicago Pride Parade before heading off to visit my folks in Massachusetts for a week, I decided to pull out a sunless tanner I received from Fake Bake.

Sunless tanning solutions are a great way to get color without harmful UV rays. However, I usually find I’m too lazy or busy to do it properly and that self-tanner smell can be pretty distracting. But I still wanted to try Flawless Darker as soon as I learned about it. I used to get pretty tan before I got serious about protecting my skin from the sun and frankly, I miss it. This tanner is the darkest in the Fake Bake line and I figured, why mess around? If you are going to tan, why not go for a deep, dark tan?

I was so happy and surprised with this product! It is crazy easy to apply — just spray it on the enclosed mitt, wipe on, and buff. The product shows up bronze on your skin so you can see where you have applied it. Honestly, the application barely took longer than my regular moisturizer. It dried quickly and did not come off on my clothes or sheets. Best of all, there was no tell-tale stench that typically occurs when most self-tanners react with skin. I have no idea how they did it but I swear there was no smell beyond the yummy tropical black coconut fragrance.


I wore Flawless Darker overnight for optimal results, per the instructions. I showered in the morning to reveal an amazing, dark, natural-looking, streak-free tan. I will definitely be using this product all summer long!

Fake Bake Flawless Darker Self-Tan Liquid can be purchased at Fake Bake $29.99 (15% OFF with promo code: FLAWDK15)

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