Easiest Manicure Ever with imPress

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Kiss and Broadway Nails sent me a big box of goodies recently including a bunch of nail art supplies and few sets of artificial nails. I honestly have never thought of myself as the faux-nail type but I was intrigued. The imPress Accent Press-On Manicure sets look an awful lot like real nails and they come pre-polished with an included accent nail. I’m in a rush so zero drying time is pretty amazing.

Curiosity aside, my nails were having a situation. The frigid temps and dry air here in Chicago along with all the house cleaning I’ve been doing lately have destroyed my nails. My last one nice nail, my thumb nail, lost a battle with a stuck purse zipper.

imPress-nails (18 of 18)

I was not happy but what a fantastic excuse to try out an imPress Press-On Manicure! You guys — I love these nails. They are so easy to apply and they last really well. One of the most fun aspects is that you can paint or embellish these nails any way you want before they are on your fingers!

Lead manicurist, Gina Edwards, painted a gorgeous feather pattern on one nail and added a pearl to the others for Bibhu Mohapatra‘s Fall 2015 show at New York Fashion Week…


…and embellished them with gold accents after painting them a soft mauve for Erin Fetherston’s show.


I borrowed Edwards’ idea and added an embellishment from Kiss Salon Secrets Rococo Veil Kit to one nail on each hand. The step-by-step application instructions are after the jump! Continue reading

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L’Dara Advanced Anti-Aging Serum

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Have you noticed that some new innovations in skincare aren’t really “new” at all? Instead, tried and true, often ancient remedies are being rediscovered, reexamined, and refined. For example, goji berries have been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. The benefits of this super fruit has touted by celebrities and nutrition experts alike due to their high concentration of antioxidants. Adding them to your diet may help fight cancer-causing free radicals, improve immune function, and yes, promote healthy skin.

All these healing properties beg the question: what would happen if you applied goji berries topically? Scientists working with L’Dara studied the tiny fruit for 6 years and were able to identify and isolate key anti-aging compounds called lycium barbarum fruit acids. The most potent of these is the star of the patent-pending LBP-5 Complex found in their Advanced Anti-Aging Serum. Packed with gylcopeptides, polysaccarides, and anti-oxidants, the treatment offers multiple benefits including improved elasticity, texture, and appearance.


In clinical trials, participants enjoyed a 35% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles in just 4 weeks. The pictures on their “results wall” are pretty convincing. (See above for just one example…) Even more telling is that they encourage you to document your own transformation. With CASH. Yeah, you read that right. Enter their Breakthrough Contest with your own pics for a chance to win up to $1,500.

The serum itself feels pretty luxe. The clear, gel-like texture is thick and moisturizing without feeling greasy or heavy. It leaves my skin feeling soft and dewy and the light fruity scent is really nice.

I personally love the idea of the future driven by the past, of science advancing natural cures to maximize their anti-aging capacities. This marriage of east and west is creating products that meet the demand for effective skincare formulated without potentially harmful chemical additives. In fact, L’Dara Advanced Anti-Aging Serum contains no parabens, mineral oils, paraffin, nitrosanines, phthalates, triclosan, synthetic colors or fragrances, or animal-derived ingredients.

L’Dara Advanced Anti-Aging Serum is available at L’Dara $120

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Easy DIY Braided Headband

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braided-headband-d (1 of 3)

Simple and sweet, a braided headband is a piece of cake to create. Seriously, you will be surprised how quick and painless this style is to replicate. And it’s so pretty, right?

You don’t have to have crazy long hair for this look; it should work as long as your length in front falls a bit beyond your chin. I like it nice and messy for boho chic feel but this easy DIY works just as well with clean, tight braids and straight hair.

The step-by-step tutorial is after the jump. Continue reading

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