How-to Create Freehand Graphic Nail Art Two Ways


Whenever I see more complex nail art, my artsy-fartsy side is intrigued. It was only a matter of time before I gave it a try myself. The photos above are my first two attempts at freehand nail art. I used different tools and techniques for each and I’m pretty happy with the way both turned out. I did the black and white manicure on my niece and we copied the patterns off one of her cute shirts. For my own nails, I based the design on an image I found on Pinterest. The best part about this type of nail art is that you can find your inspiration wherever you like.

More about how I created these freehand nail art designs is after the jump. Continue reading

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DIY Fabric Wire Wrap Headband

diy-fabric-wire-headband (16 of 18)

I’m not much of a headband wearer. As much as I like the look, the classic plastic or metal U-shaped versions hurt my head after a while and scarves slide right out of my straight hair. This is why a hidden wire in fabric headbands is genius. You can bend it so it fits your own head shape – no headaches or slipping! You can buy these cute accessories at lots of places including American Apparel, ModCloth, and Etsy but if you are the crafty type, they are easy to make. They sew up really quick and these headbands are a great scrap-busting project.

Learn how to create your own custom headband after the jump. Continue reading

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Zucchini “Pasta” With Tomatoes, Shrimp, and Parmesan

zuchinni-noodles-with-tomatoes-and-shrimp (8 of 9)

The end of summer is nearing and it’s last call for some of the season’s best fresh fruits and vegetables. Zucchini and tomatoes are still plentiful at my local farmer’s market; hopefully they are at yours as well. Zucchini is one of my summertime faves! It’s mild flavor makes it super versatile for use in savory and sweet dishes. For this dish, I’ve sliced the zucchini into ribbons with a julienne slicer and served it in place of pasta with fresh tomatoes cooked with garlic and basil, shrimp, and parmesan cheese. Simple, seasonal, and super delicious without all those pesky complex carbs.

The recipe and nutritional information is after the jump. Continue reading

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