Nude + Neon Floral Nail Stamping Nail Art


If you like the look of nail art but aren’t very artistically inclined, I offer you a simple solution: nail stamping. Nail stamping is an easy way to transfer designs onto your nails and it’s actually really fun to do. Even if you are artsy-craftsy, nail stamping allows for intricate and delicate patterns that just aren’t possible to create freehand. This is a great technique to use on kids, too!

I got my nail stamping tools from Born Pretty. They have lots of fun designs including florals, lace, hearts, stars, graphic patterns, and so much more. Some templates are designed to cover your entire nail, others just the tips or to add a single flourish. The plates and stamping tools are pretty inexpensive so you can try them all! The possibilities are endless…

The full step-by-step how-to for this nude and neon floral nail art is after the jump. Continue reading

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Braid Crossed Chignon Hairstyle Tutorial

braid-crossed-chignon (23 of 30)

Sometimes I work really hard on a hairstyle tutorial and then the finished product just isn’t working. It’s super frustrating when that happens because I feel like I wasted valuable time. I know; #beautybloggerproblems. Yesterday I attempted a style I liked a lot on a model but it just didn’t work well with my face shape. My makeup was done and my hair was full of product so feeling somewhat defeated, I decided to just play around. This pretty style was the result; an afterthought that took only a few minutes to create. I love it. Hope you do too!

The step-by-step tutorial to create this braid crossed chignon is after the jump. Continue reading

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3 Ways to Style Shorter Hair (And Get Your Hair Off Your Face!)


I had the pleasure of seeing my gorgeous friend and client, Alma, over the weekend for cut and color. She asked me for some styling ideas for her shorter hair and I was more than happy to oblige! I showed her a few options to get the hair off her face that are practical enough for the gym and cute enough for a neighborhood barbeque. She was gracious enough to let me snap some pics to share with all of you.

Sometimes a girl’s just gotta get her hair back. A quick messy pony will do the trick for those of us with longer hair but when you are sporting a shorter style like Alma, the solution is not as simple. These three styles are variations on a theme and aim to pin back just the fringe section of your hair. They look just as great with long hairstyles and are fantastic techniques for dressing up a ponytail or bun.

See how I created each of these pretty styles after the jump. Continue reading

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