Girls Hairstyles for Back to School

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If you have a daughter, you are probably already working on her back-to-school attire. Since the first day of school is a special day (and a good photo op) I think a cute hairstyle is also in order. I scoured the internet looking for tutorials that are 1) cute, 2) age appropriate and 3) don’t look too pageant-y. I think these four fit the criteria.

1. The Knotted Headband from Adopt a ‘Do.

2. Yarn-embellished Fishtail Braid from A Beautiful Mess.

3. A Row of Knots from Girly Do Hairstyles.

4. Ponytails with Twist Braids from Shaunell’s Hair.

Most of my tutorials would also work well on little girls because they are simple, quick and not too fancy. I think a waterfall braid, rope braid pony or braided headband would be especially cute on little ones.

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4 Responses to Girls Hairstyles for Back to School

  1. jennifer says:

    these are great…so glad I have something for Ava for her 1st day back! I’ll take a pic for ya

  2. Sonya says:

    Awesome, Jen! I can’t wait to see the pic!

  3. Sarah says:

    This is very creative. I would have never thought about these, their awesome! Thanks.


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